At Scoven Hedge Fund Consulting, we believe in helping you do what you do best. In the investment world, that means helping you focus on managing your portfolio and raising capital, while we take care of the rest. We are an outsourcing resource specializing in the core non-investment functions of hedge funds, funds of funds, private equity firms, and other financial services organizations.

  • We help you start up, with our back office, fund formation, and due diligence services
  • We take operational and management duties off your back, by keeping your management company’s books and records, assisting in NAV calculations and reporting, coordinating your tax and audit obligations, and more
  • We customize according to your needs, leveraging our broad expertise in financial management, fund operations, and other non-investment functions to create the service package that’s right for your firm

The Scoven Solution: let our expertise help you make your firm the best it can be.


Scoven Hedge Fund Consulting was founded in 2014 to provide outsourced CFO/COO services to hedge funds, fund of funds, and private equity firms. We’re focused on delivering industry-leading, highly efficient, and customized services to our valued clients. Scoven is owned and operated by former CFO, and our team is made up of experienced and skilled financials-sector professionals.


As an investment manager, your time is better spent on managing your portfolio and raising capital. Allocating resources to starting up your firm and performing day-to-day non-investment functions can be a drain on your time and budget. Scoven lets you focus on what matters most.
Through Scoven, you can access an entire organization devoted to the operating of investment firms, from accounting, back office, IT, and staffing, all the way to the CFO/COO
All the professionals on our team have accounting backgrounds and have previously worked at hedge funds and service providers to hedge funds; they know the industry, they understand financial markets, and they know best practices
Hiring in-house senior management can be expensive; Scoven’s services often run at a quarter the cost of a full-time CFO/COO
We tailor outsourcing solutions that match your needs, budget, and time horizon
No sick days. No vacation. Scoven is there for you.


Our diverse talent pool is headed by seasoned industry veterans, each with CFO experience plus other key roles in hedge fund investing and financial management.
Scott Rosenthal
Founder, Managing Member
Scott brings 20-plus years of experience in the hedge fund industry, including launching two hedge funds as their CFO. In addition, he was formerly a Senior Account Manager at Citco Fund Services (USA) and Senior Controller on the Quantum Fund at Soros Fund Management. Scott is a Certified Public Accountant, and graduated with a BSc in Accounting from the State University of New York at Binghamton.
Ann Jackelow
Ann holds nearly 25 years of industry experience. Prior to joining Scoven in 2017, she served as the CFO and CCO at Metacapital Management, playing an instrumental role in automating back-office functions and improving operating efficiency. Anne was also a Controller at SAB Capital Management and a Senior Auditor at Ernst & Young. Ann graduated with a BSc in Accounting (magna cum laude) from Fordham University.
Damnjan Kovacevic
Damnjan brings nearly 23 years of experience in the hedge fund industry. Before joining Scoven in 2015, he served as a Controller at Apollo Global Management, Solar Capital and the Airlie Group. Damnjan also worked in fund administration at Citco Fund Services, as well as in the mutual back office at Citigroup. He graduated with a MSc in Finance from Pace University and a BBA in Accounting from Baruch College.


You know well that founding, operating, and managing a hedge fund or other type of financial firm requires specialized industry knowledge. We understand that too, because each member of the Scoven team has direct experience in the industry. At Scoven, we offer:
Deep industry expertise
Scoven is owned and operated by a former CFO, and every member of the Scoven team has direct experience launching and growing funds; Scoven’s professionals have extensive and diverse backgrounds in the non-investment side of the hedge fund business
An owner-operated firm
The managing member is also a former CFO. He or your designated CFO/COO will always be just a phone call away
A leaner, faster business
A small firm means greater flexibility: our experianced leadership team will oversee your account, and Scoven can customize a solution that matches your needs
Connections and networking
The Scoven team is made up of industry professionals with tenure in the hedge fund business; this means connections and contacts with a wide spectrum of vendors, specialists, and other resources we leverage to help grow your organization

We offer peace of mind that your non-investment functions will be handled by experienced industry professionals who know your business – that’s the Scoven Advantage.


While Scoven can customize our outsourcing services, these CFO/COO Solution Packages can give you insight into how we can help grow your firm.
Fund formation

Assist with fund start-up and establishing your back office

  • Review fund formation documents to ensure all terms and conditions are in line with best practices
  • Assist fund manager to conduct due diligence and select service providers, including reviewing proposals/agreements
  • Ensure that the investment manager has an understanding of the documents: this can include, but is not limited to, management and performance fee calculations, subscription/redemption terms, fund strategy, and the universe of investments in which the fund is allowed to invest

Deliver ongoing accounting and operations services

  • Liaise with fund administrator to ensure NAV calculations are done in a timely and accurate manner
  • Liaise with the fund’s audit/tax firm to complete the year-end audit and assist in the preparation of the K-1s and tax returns
  • Keep shadow allocations to ensure the fund administrator is allocating profit and loss properly, as well as calculating management and performance fees correctly
  • Develop templates for internal and external reporting
Setting up your management company

Keep the management company’s books and records

Provide the books and records to the firm’s management and to the firm’s tax advisors

Work with the firm’s tax advisors to prepare and issue tax returns and schedule K-1s

Provide marketing services

  • Review the fund’s marketing materials to ensure they meet all compliance rules and regulations

Provide staffing solutions

  • Research and set up payroll and benefits packages
  • Assist in hiring of non-investment staff

Establish IT systems

  • Conduct due diligence on outsourced IT solutions
  • Set up internal “start-up” IT platform

Provide other non-investment functions

  • Prepare business continuity plan
  • Find office space and participate in lease negotiations
Liquidating hedge funds

Provide operations support during the liquidation of the portfolio

Work with the auditors to prepare the fund’s final audit

Oversee final distribution of investor capital

Address investor inquiries and concerns

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Scott Rosenthal
Scoven Hedge Fund Consulting